The Consequential Prophet

I'm the Consequential Prophet and my following is growing.
When the train's already rolling I can tell you where it's going.
When the bomb's already falling I can tell you who's to die -
I can tell you how and when but never why.
I'm the Consequential Prophet, I'm a lover of despair.
I manipulate depression. It's the only suit I wear
but I've made it quite the fashion and you'll love it to the hilt
for it's carded, spun and woven out of guilt.
Not for me a Father's mansion or a palace in the sky.
I'm your here and now disaster man. Forget the by and by.
When you're truly my disciples you will know, for you will feel
only agony is real, real, real.
I'm the Consequential Prophet, I'm a wallower in gloom,
I'm a peddler of despondency, a worshipper of doom
and I have to keep you miserable. I mustn't let you see
if you ever learn to laugh you'll laugh at me.