Agnes on Karaoke

Thon wiz a magic evenin aff -
went intae Ingrams doon oan the squerr
ken, whaur the gaffer's a right wee nyaff
but the karaoke - aw it's rerr.

We'd a coarner table, Ina an me
an we wisny gauny sing at aa
but efter a malibu or three
weel ye canny help yersel. It's braw

wi the flashy lights an the great big screen
an aa the wurds gaun by like yon
an big fat Tammy, ken wha ah mean
wi the plukes, that does Roy Orbison

tae a T, when he's hud a dacent bevvy.
Ina wiz near tae havin a greet.
Ah like the wan aboot drove ma chevvy
an thon yin dancin in the street.

So me an Ina gets up thegither
the gaffer gies ye an extra mike.
Done he ain't heavy he's mabrither.
Gied it a load o welly like.